Ensuring a Pleasant Stay for Our Guests

Please take a moment to read our rules and regulations before visiting and/or staying at our park. We are a family-centered resort, and we appreciate your adherence to our park policies so we can ensure everyone has a pleasant stay.

The rules and regulations defined below apply to all of our guests — day visitorscampers, and cabin renters.

Boil Water Advisories

Start-up boil water advisories are normal. However, are generally removed by peak season. Please contact us before arriving, to learn if we are under boil water advisory.

Speed Limit

We are very strict about our 15km speed limit within the park. Please watch for pedestrians and children at play.


Pets are only permitted for overnight and seasonal campers. They are not permitted on the beach, waterfront, grassy area, designated swimming areas, playground, or public buildings. Pets must be leashed and/or kennelled at all times, kept quiet, and cleaned up after. The park does not have a designated cool down area for pets.

Quiet Time

Quiet time is 11:00pm - 9:00am daily, during which time all vehicular traffic is prohibited.


Steep Rock Beach Park