All that is Beautiful and About Our Park

Did you know that almost every province in Canada now has a barn quilt trail?  So what is a barn quilt? You know that quilts are made up of squares, or blocks right?  Well, a barn quilt is a replica of one of those squares, painted on plywood, and hung on a building for passersby to see.

Most of them are mounted on barns, so they are called barn quilts. There are thousands of them all over the country. The quilt blocks are painted in such a way that they are weather resistant, bright and easily visible.

The block may represent a location such as “Fisherman Fred” in a fishing community or replicate a block that is in a favourite quilt made by a mother or grandmother. The colours may also be an important component of the design.

The Steep Rock Beach Park Barn Quilt

This project was conceived one cold Manitoba winter and was a truly joyful experience from start to finish. For our quilt block, we chose colours that represent all that is beautiful and about Steep Rock Beach Park. Blue for the water and tan for the limestone cliffs that line the shores. Green symbolizes the forests and fields of the area. Lastly, yellow for the summer sun and red for all the color that spreads across the horizon at sunset.

All these colours surround a sailboat riding the waves as depicted on the Steep Rock Beach Park logo. Because our quilt was going to be mounted about 20 feet up, we kept our squares and triangles larger to create a greater impact.

This barn quilt was created and painted by Mrs. Brenda Wood along with some assistance from volunteers, friends and family. Thank you, Brenda – it's absolutely beautiful!

Interlake Barn Quilt Trail

Steep Rock Beach Park